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Customized adventure tours include terrains ranging from sand dunes alongside the ocean to open plains of the Baja peninsula.


Art Director & Designer: Alexa Spiroff


Producer: Alexa Spiroff





Sketch Edited (1 of 1).jpg
Sketch Edited (1 of 1).jpg
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Three days straight of 13+ hours of shooting in the Baja desert was one for the books. The biggest challenge with this shoot was the terrain and finding the best shoot locations - we were basically location scouting on the go. By the end of each day, we were covered in dust from head to toe. But I learned how to ride an ATV for the first time, and the sunsets were some of the best I have ever seen.


The redesign of their logo I created was heavily inspired by the scenery and culture I experienced while filming in Baja. As producer for the video, I was key in developing a detailed budget and timeline, reviewing footage daily to adjust shotlists and schedules for following shoot days, keeping crew on schedule, communicating with the client, and overseeing post production.

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Promo 3.00_01_39_18.Still011.jpg
Promo 3.00_01_27_21.Still007.jpg
CMA 2.png
CMA 1.png

Shorter cuts of the video were made for social media.


Director: Steven Smith

Producers: Alexa Spiroff & Steven Smith
DP/Editor: Steven Smith
Assistant Camera: Simon Olarte
Art Director/Graphic Designer: Alexa Spiroff

 Special thanks to Amaury Tafolla, Luisa Smith, Sandra Tafolla, and Victor Villa.

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