Drake feat. Jhené Aiko - From Time


Art Direction/Set Design by Alexa Spiroff

I've always been obsessed with music videos, and hope to develop and shoot more in the near future. For this shoot I transformed a drab, old hotel room into a dream-like realm where time doesn't exist. I knew I wanted lighting to be a key part of the art direction. I worked very closely with the Gaffer on this project and can now thoughtfully implement lighting into future set designs.

Directed and Produced by Jamie Porteous

Production Designer/Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

DP/Editor: Derrick Trotman

Sound Design: Jared Knudson

Gaffer: Tim Thompson

MUA: Nixie Rose

BTS Photographer: Jenna Sawyer

Production Assistants: Giovanni Rendon and Lauren Johnson


Lorien Pereyra

Devon Blackmon

Special thanks to Kahea Kauo and Nate Billings