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GE was critical in developing technology that put man on the moon.
Within our lifetime, the first person will set foot on Mars.


Why not a woman?

2019 Emmys / Television Academy - Official Winner, Student PSA or Commercial

Art Director:  Alexa Spiroff


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In the original script, Polly was supposed to go to the moon. But as the only woman in the core crew, I had a different perspective. If a woman were to take her turn and go to the moon now, it no doubt would make a mark in history. But I thought, "Well someone has already been to the moon. I want a woman to go where no one - woman or man - has ever ventured yet." I pitched it to the crew and days later we found a little "Mars" in southern Utah. 



Under the direction of the production designer, I made the set come to life - whether that meant finding and ordering vintage GE pieces on eBay, raiding a TV and computer junkyard, designing space stickers, or sewing and hot-gluing a homemade American flag made to look like the handiwork of an 8 year old. It was a freezing day and night of shooting in that barn in the middle of December, but this project has a special place in my heart - as it set the tone for the type of ads I hope to make throughout my career.



Directed by Jedediah Thunell

Producers: Scott James & Jason Murray

Associate Producers: Connor Dean, Brandon James, Mary Lamphier

Cinematographer: Josh Contor

Concept/Production Designer: Taylor Dahl 

Concept/Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

 Music Composer: Dallas Crane

Post Sound: Cayson Renshaw, Jarom Hansen

Copywriter: Anthon Johnson


Young Polly: Ryann Bingham

Adult Polly: Brooke Johnson

Mom: Anna Bingham

Dad: Jake Bingham

Special Thanks to: Casey Wilson, David Pierce, Sally Willmore, Amy Hauck, Amanda Rasmussen, Derrick Trotman, Treston Dunn, Lindsey Rodgerson, Tyler Archibald, Andy Baker, Cameron Wilson, KeAlii Johnson, Keoni Johnson, Talo Steves, Kevin Woodward, John Newton, Dallin Penrod, Andrew Holman, Sam & Rhea Dahl, Phil & Lisa Shepherd, Kevin Kelly, Paul Meyers, Aaron Merrill, and Colin Becker at Redman.