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DRE Enduro Academy is an intensive riding academy where participants learn all the technical skills of riding the Multistrada Enduro 1260. It's a seven day event in Sundance, Utah and professionals are flown in all the way from Italy. 


Shorter cuts of the video were also made for social media and website.

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 This shoot was a perfect example of how everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. There were unforeseen legal issues with the location upon arriving the first day, and Ducati told us that we had to completely scrap our entire shotlist. With all locations changing last minute, we basically became a camera chase crew. We often got to the locations barely in time to set up the camera before the bikes came roaring past. It was high pressure the entire shoot. In spite of dangerous mountain ledges, creating shotlists on the fly, and filming in torrential downpours, we still delivered the client an exceptional video package. 

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