A little kindness goes a long way, and it should begin at home and be encouraged in schools. So let's look out for each other, and remember that everyone needs a mate.

Written and Directed by: Alexa Spiroff

Young Ones ADC - Branded Content




This spot was my first time directing a scripted piece that I wrote - and I had a room full of 15+ children all looking to me. But I jumped right in and learned so much about directing and set management during this shoot. This spot perfectly weaves together everything I hope to incorporate into my videos - amazing cinematography, storytelling, and messaging. I love that today, more than ever, brands have a voice, and this spot reflected just that. I was also Production Designer and we completely transformed the classroom into a creative, colorful space that reflected Paper Mate as a brand. 


Fun Fact: My little sister, Natalie Spiroff, is a musician in Nashville and she headed into the studio to record the soundtrack for me. Since this spot has no dialogue, I relied heavily on the talent of these child actors and the song to carry the message through. 


Written and Directed by Alexa Spiroff

Producers: Amanda Rasmussen & Amy Wilson

Director of Photography: Steven Smith

Editor: Steven Smith

Assistant Camera: Daniel Foltz

Production Designer: Alexa Spiroff

Assistant Editor: Olivia Aldous

Color: Olivia Aldous

Art Director: Mikey Bready

Script Supervisor: Julian Lopez

Location Manager: Chaz Gonzales

Casting Director: Chaz Gonzales

MUA: Marcelle Leon

Sound & Motion Designer: Chaz Gonzales

Gaffer: Caleb Blackhurst

Grip: Asher Huskinson

Song Performed by: Natalie Spiroff

PAs: Marinda Cummings, Megan Stonely, and Whitney Merrill

BTS Photographer: Camryn Rupa

Special Thanks to: Lincoln Academy School and TMG Talent Management Group