As the first content creator at Mullenlowe for Grey Goose, I had the unique opportunity to lead this shoot. This content is also a perfect example of my nimble capabilities - everything below was shot during the pandemic in an at-home studio. With a small crew of only 3 people including myself, a super tight budget and quick timeline, I was able to turn around beautiful photo and video content.

Another fun aspect of this shoot was getting to visualize and then bring to life a new, contemporary look and feel for Grey Goose.

We had a total of 4 sets and this content was used for social channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

OM 4x5 Final (Smaller).jpg
NBA 4x5 Pic.jpg
NBA 9x16.gif
SN 4x5 - Final.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 12.03.59 PM.pn

BTS: at-home studio created from scratch.

Client: Grey Goose


Agency: Mullenlowe US

Director & Set Designer: Alexa Spiroff

Photographer: Steven Smith

Gaffer: Simon Olarte