VOGUE x National Diversity Council​ (NDC)

The way we view people can be entirely constructed from the media images we see of them, their country, and their culture. 

Perception is power. And the onus of change does not lie on the shoulders of the "other", but on those who created the standard in the first place. 

Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

What struck me the most about this project was that these four women don't see their country as "third world" and poverty stricken at all. They see it as full of beauty, color, and mystery. And they just want the world to see and understand that side of it too.


These are real perspectives from four women. At first timid in front of the camera, they blossomed as the shoot continued. It became evident, as they went on, that this was the first time in a long time they felt comfortable in their own skin. Not only did we capture their beauty but we captured their stories. Here they were not weak victims of a poverty stricken world - they were regal queens.

Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

Photographer: Steven Smith

Writer: Lorien Pereyra

MUA: Linsey Rogerson