Photos are the still frames of our lives. In this ever-growing digital world where "likes" are a prized commodity and events are only as good as they appear online, there is a desire to recapture the authenticity that we feel has been lost.


Director, Production Designer, & Producer: Alexa Spiroff


Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

This was a very “run and gun” shoot and it was purposefully done that way, as I wanted to capture authentic moments. It’s an ad but I didn’t want it to feel like an ad. It almost has a music video-esque, yet lifestyle feel to it which I hope to keep exploring. I also wanted the spot and entire campaign to have a very youthful feel to it. Art direction and wardrobe were a key part to that, and I pulled a lot of inspiration from the 90s era. 

Camera "ATMs" will be placed in major cities for the duration of the campaign.


People will pick up a discounted disposable as well as drop off their film for free development. 


They will fill out their address on the screen and the film will be mailed straight to their door.


Consumers may provide their Instagram handle -- allowing Fujifilm to post their photos using #FujifilmRealTakes

Directed by Alexa Spiroff & Steven Smith

Producers: Alexa Spiroff & Steven Smith

Production Designer/Art Director: Alexa Spiroff

Director of Photography: Steven Smith

Editor: Steven Smith

Scripting: Lorien Pereyra

Sound Design: Zachary Olsen