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Short film for the brand launch of Commemo Co. -- a collaborative memory book company.
The client wanted a cinematic video that introduced the brand to audiences and told a story that represented what the company is all about: human connection, reflection, gratitude, and celebrating those we love.



Written by myself and Steven Smith via FaceTime in between holiday festivities and family gatherings during Christmas 2018, this spot is probably one of my favorites. After seeing Fujifilm: Real Takes, the client wanted something reminiscent of the same authentic and nostalgic feeling that video provoked. Writing this with Steven was great because we each thought of scenes that came from our own personal memories and experiences.

As Writer, Director, and Production Designer I was heavily involved in every aspect of this production. Since this was a brand launch, it was also very important for me to keep in mind a look and feel that matched the company, and I took that into consideration with every frame. 

We also created a 60 second cut of the video and provided assets for Instagram posts during the brand launch. 

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