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Short film for the brand launch of Commemo Co. -- a collaborative memory book company.
The client wanted a cinematic video that introduced the brand to audiences and told a story that represented what the company is all about: human connection, reflection, gratitude, and celebrating those we love.


Thank you for taking the time to look through my site and read a little more about me.

I come from a background in advertising, art direction, and production. I work with agencies, brands, production houses, and creative entrepreneurs to make professional content and bypass many of the production implications that come with production. I've developed a streamlined production process that I create everything from music videos, to social media content, to product and lifestyle photography, to long-form video. My personal strength lies in coming up with a creative concept/vision, gathering the crew and resources necessary to make it happen, and then motivating and leading a crew on set to execute and deliver that big idea in a visual way. I'm often referred to as a "Content Creator," but more specifically Directing/Producing and Set Design are where my focus and talents lie. I'm about as resourceful as they come, saving a lot of time and money on productions for clients. I love taking an intangible idea and bringing it into physical reality - to me that is making magic. I am bold and fierce both in my visual style and work ethic. I always try to find the hidden beauty in things and bring that into my life and my work. 


When I'm not filming you can find me either near the ocean, in a mountain, dancing, or a combination thereof. I'm currently based in Utah and travel often between Hawaii, California, and Colorado. I was born in LA and grew up enchanted by creativity – my father was a film producer and my mother a creative director. I was therefore surrounded by movie sets, music, film, fashion, dance, creative writing, and all forms of visual art. My child-like, colorful imagination never truly left me.

I was fortunate enough to graduate from BYU, the #1 Creative Advertising school in the nation, where I first started working with brands as part of their one-of-a-kind agency, the Adlab. When I was a student of visual communications, I began to see the power that brand messages could have, and I fell in love all over again with visual storytelling. The need to capture what words alone cannot, and invoke a feeling or new perspective in the viewer,  is what drives me in my work today. 


I currently work at global ad agency MullenLowe LA, where I'm  developing and leading an in-house social content production process. I produce, direct, and set design creative shoots for clients - sometimes as a one woman show with an iPhone, and sometimes with a small crew and a RED camera. My Moonset crew and I carry out all phases of production - from creative ideation and moodboards to delivering final assets. 


I love connecting with new people and am always pursuing passion projects - feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate or have a project in mind for yourself!


Written by myself and Steven Smith via FaceTime in between holiday festivities and family gatherings during Christmas 2018, this spot is probably one of my favorites. After seeing Fujifilm: Real Takes, the client wanted something reminiscent of the same authentic and nostalgic feeling that video provoked. Writing this with Steven was great because we each thought of scenes that came from our own personal memories and experiences.

As Writer, Director, and Production Designer I was heavily involved in every aspect of this production. Since this was a brand launch, it was also very important for me to keep in mind a look and feel that matched the company, and I took that into consideration with every frame. 

We also created a 60 second cut of the video and provided assets for Instagram posts during the brand launch. 

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